fresh food from our pantry to you

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Fresh Food from our Pantry to You

Pantry Labs

With the help of Pantry kiosks and Byte fresh foods, you’ll now have round-the-clock nourishment at your fingertips inside PARISOMA. Starting April 18, in a not-so-far-away place from your desk, is Pantry stocked with delicious and health-conscious food from Byte. Cheaper than store-bought because it’s in house from our Pantry straight to you!

For food providers and organizations, Pantry is a platform for fresh food that extends the hours and reach of better food options through swipe, grab and go kiosks using Point of Sale (POS) technology with Radio Frequency ID (RFID) tracking and billing.

Through the Pantry platform, Byte is reinventing the way coworkers eat at the office, offering simple, healthy and always-available fresh meals, snacks and drinks on site. Byte is on a mission to make employees happier by providing access to fresh meals through the latest in self-service refrigerator technology.

So next time you’re in the office early for that international call, searching for a quick lunch option, or finishing that last bit of code late at night — reach for a healthy Byte from our Pantry to give your body the fuel it deserves.


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