meet with tarmac sf’s new cohort

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Meet with Tarmac SF’s new cohort

Now that The Refiners fleet #2 is flying on its own, it is time to meet with the newly arrived batch of another PARISOMA-based startup acceleration program, Tarmac SF.

During three months, five international startups will learn the secrets of entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley, meet with seasoned mentors, improve their elevator pitch, and mingle with fellow entrepreneurs.

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ConsultVox is an “e-consultation” online platform which enables any organization (company, government,, non-profit, neighborhood organization, city, etc.) to consult its population to highlight ideas, thoughts, problems, actions, etc., on any subject, to facilitate decision-making.

FreeCity is an app that creates personalized itineraries to visit a city in one day, based on a quick survey. The app curates selected stops with all the information to know. Save time and enjoy the city!

Routeique is a cloud-based logistics and delivery management platform that helps independent distributors manage every aspect of their business, from customer and order management, to fleet management and route optimization. Routeique is also launching an in-vehicle computer system that tracks and manages commercial vehicles, as well as a line of thermal printers and asset trackers, to extend the functionality of the platform even further.

Enfaia is a free platform hosting a great network of sport organizations, enabling them to have access to real-time data related the sport industry and sport activities. It also serves as an organization and communication tool for these organizations.

Teneo supplies a market demand for non-medical assistance for seniors, especially at night. It gives students a chance to earn money in exchange of their time and at-home support for elderly people. Students are selected and trained, so they are able to help with daily life tasks as well as emergencies.

Tarmac SF is specifically designed for international founders interested in expanding their startup’s vision in America.
Co-founded by CALSO and PARISOMA, it is part of Impact Network. Impact Network fosters the development of incubation and acceleration programs, training courses, and awareness programs for entrepreneurs tackling critical, unmet issues. With 500+ entrepreneurs supported in 14 different countries across the world, Impact Network is the #1 global network of accelerators for green and social startups, helping change makers turn ideas into actions.

PARISOMA provides freelancers and early-stage companies with the space and tools they need to support their business.