spring is accelerator season

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Spring is accelerator season

Not only it is – at last – Spring, it is also the time when startups start to blossom! The end of March is indeed busy for the two PARISOMA-based startup accelerators, The Refiners and Tarmac SF. We are glad to see promising international entrepreneurs join the community and benefit from expert support to make success in Silicon Valley a reality.

This week, The Refiners is kicking off Fleet #2. Selected from over 400 applications, 12 startups are on a 3-month race to adapt to the Silicon Valley culture and ecosystem before the final Pitch Night on June 1st.

Take a look at the new "fledlings," you'll even find some familiar names like our long-time member Jogabo!

  • Cloudscreener, a cloud decision engine that helps you find the most efficient resources that fit with your enterprise policies.
  • Gabsee a mobile app that allows users to express themselves through a 3D avatar in Augmented Reality.
  • Imuze an Interactive Music Composer to generate original music in minutes.
  • Inmemori an online platform to create personalized pages in memory of loved ones.
  • Jogabo a mobile app that allows you to make the most of every soccer game you play and helps you discover new games, wherever you are.
  • Neuralcat a software company dedicated to cognitive agents and Artificial Intelligence in edTech.
  • Phantombuster provides a SaaS platform that takes away the headache of web scraping. In a few lines of JavaScript, developers create browsing scenarios and turn any website into data.
  • Talkus a Slack & Microsoft Teams based customer engagement and support solution for the SMB market.
  • The Beans lets you build an accurate and achievable financial plan in minutes, then handles the details of keeping you on track.
  • UniYo a smart messaging platform for education to engage with 100% of the campus.
  • Washos an on-demand car service app that sends you skilled technicians at your home or office.
  • Wezr a connected sensor to correct weather forecast in real-time.
  • Wingit the best platform to unearth in real time all the events posted on social networks by local insiders.

And what about Fleet #1, you might ask? It's on a fast track: "In total the Fleet is in the process of raising over $9mm, with one company deep in the process of securing partnerships with some of the biggest tech global players of today’s age."

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If you are an entrepreneur looking to land in San Francisco, we have an easy landing strip ready for you! Applications are open until April 9th to join the next batch of Tarmac SF. Co-created by PARISOMA and CALSO, it is a 3-month program specifically designed for international startup founders who want to settle in Silicon Valley. 

Immigration, housing workspace, networking, mentorship... Tarmac SF provides you with all the resources to focus on launching your business for a total cost of $2,600/member only. No counterparts. No equity shares. And because we care about promoting women in social entrepreneurship, we will be awarding a grant to the best female social entrepreneur, allowing her to attend our program for free. Apply now and spread the word!

PARISOMA provides freelancers and early-stage companies with the space and tools they need to support their business.